The Art Of Dreaming

The Art Of Dreaming

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Meet Deborah Allen

Meet Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen is one of those rare artists who forged their own path to success and ended up building a world-class career in the process. An extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer, Deborah's unique abilities as an artist may be matched only by her enthusiasm and creativity as an individual. It is that formidable combination of spirit and talent that keeps the Grammy-nominated entertainer in demand. With her latest album, Hear Me Now, Deborah Allen's music remains as smart, witty and sexy as ever.

“I was born singing,” Allen asserts. “I guess it would be hard to pinpoint exactly when my career in music became a full-on pursuit, but I'd say by the time I was eighteen I was sure that music was what I wanted, and I just forged ahead. There was no Plan B in sight.”

Fortunately, after moving to Nashville, Plan A worked out in grand fashion. Although most often associated with her signature smash, “Baby I Lied,” the true measure of Deborah's influence in contemporary music is underscored by the hit singer's diverse radio success. Songs like “I've Been Wrong Before,” “I Hurt For You,” “Rock Me,” “If You're Not Gonna Love Me,” “Wrong Side Of Love,” and “Break These Chains” are just a few of the singles that made their way up the Country, Pop or AC charts during her career.

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